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Flat Fee Discount Broker with Full Service Real Estate at DISCOUNT Prices!


List on the MLS and over 85 different websites  for $1495.00!!


$495.00 Paid at listing

 $1,000 paid at Closing! 

See why we are the Best. 


The only Discount Brokerage offering Full Service to our Clients. 


Get a Full Time Real Estate Broker working for you. 24/7 coverage and Full Marketing. No other Company offers SO Much for LESS!!


How the program works - We meet with you at the property with comparable solds in the area to help with home pricing. We go over all contract info and documents needed to list your property on the MLS.
Buy a Home My Kentucky Home Realty REALTORS®, Northern Kentucky
Sell Your Home My Kentucky Home Realty REALTORS®, Northern Kentucky We place the sign in the yard and lockbox on the door. We also place a brochure box on the sign with color brochures. We also have directional signs that are placed accordingly to gain maximum exposure to your listing. 
We then aggressively market the home on over 85 different websites, where we can track the leads as well as see 'who' is viewing your listing.  We schedule all the showings through Centralized Showing service and you receive a login and password to obtain the feedback from the showing on your home. This helps communicate with buyers to better market your home for future showings.

We also meet with you personally with all contracts and handle the negotiation. I also make sure all the inspections and appraisals are scheduled and processed per the contract requirements.

I'll also be at the closing with you and answer any and all questions you might have.
Relocation Services My Kentucky Home Realty REALTORS®, Northern Kentucky You then walk out of the closing with thousands of dollars more than you would if you sold your home with a typical 6% - 7% agency who does less than I just listed here.

One thing is clear

We know how to sell homes and save homeowners money. We sold over 12 million dollars in real estate in 2014 and saved homeowners thousands in commissions.

Please call us to find out what everyone is talking about.


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Full Service Property Management at Discounted Rates!

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